One of the behind-the-scenes heroes at Ruralite magazine is Publishing Administrator Linda Wiseman.

Linda has quietly served you, our readers, for 25 years. Her quarter-century of making sure our magazines get published and delivered into your home is noteworthy for what no one ever sees.

Affectionately known around the office as Radar O’Reilly, she carries another moniker: friend to readers.

If you have placed an ad in Marketplace, ordered a cookbook or sought to get your special requests into Reader Exchange, you likely have dealt with Linda. Many readers become regulars who appreciate her care and attention to detail. Our newest team member, Alyssa McDougle, is enjoying similar exchanges with readers under Linda’s tutelage.

Linda calls her relationship with readers and getting to know their stories—some of which end up in the magazine—one of the most rewarding parts of her job.

“Whether it’s a person requesting birthday cards for their mom or a lady in Alaska who helps Santa write letters to readers, they all have interesting tales to share,” Linda says. “And I’m lucky enough to get to have those connections.”

The icing on the cake, she says, is when thank-you responses for Reader Exchanges come in.

“It warms my heart to see how our readers respond to one another,” Linda says. “What’s better than a job where you are able to help people?”

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