Kristin Evans and 2-year-old daughter Courtney
Kristin Evans and 2-year-old daughter Courtney love to wear mommy-and-me fashions by Matilda Jane so much Kristin has considered a side job as a trunk keeper for the brand.
Photo by Lisa Douglas

Kristin Evans and Marci Pettingill turn to these fashion bloggers on Instagram for online shopping insights and tips.

“They’ll get on their stories and do try-on sessions,” Marci says. “They’ll give you their measurements and describe how things fit so you know to size up in this pair of pants or size down. I have shopped a ton through Instagram story bloggers because I can see how things fit, and I can have it shipped to my house.”

Piper & Scoot
136K followers, based in Draper, Utah

They offer twirl-worthy dresses and flutter sleeve shirts.

When Kylee and Nate Middleton—aka Piper & Scoot—met, married and combined their household, it was apparent Kylee’s extensive closet needed to slim down. She started selling clothes to family and friends on Instagram. That was so much fun, she decided to chase her dream of owning a clothing boutique. She vows to only carry items she’s tempted to add to her own closet. “You should be head over heels for every piece of clothing you own,” Kylee writes. “Wearing an outfit that I feel confident in helps me to be my best self and I hope it can be the same for you.”

J’s Everyday Fashion
56.6K followers, based in Florida

No models, Photoshop or fancy backdrops. Real women talk real fashion.

Jeanette Johnson provides a study of one woman’s closet, sharing failed attempts, experiments, successes, what she wears to events in her own life, and what she might wear if she worked in an office or was a busy mom. She is about empowering women—inspiring them to embrace “the audacity to enjoy yourself” through practical fashion without the frills.

Matilda Jane
156K followers, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana

It features clothing for babies, girls, tweens and adults, with a whimsical approach to texture, pattern and color, along with a few boys’ and men’s items, accessories, home decor and toys.

Founded by Denise DeMarchis, the line is designed to preserve little girls’ desire to twirl. Products are available online or through independent trunk keepers.

“I have a friend who is a Matilda Jane trunk keeper—and she is trying her best to get me to be one, too!” Kristin says. “The clothing is all very well made out of soft fabrics with a lot of detail.”

Lee Anne Benjamin
241K followers, based in Austin, Texas

She features the best of big retailers like Nordstrom, American Eagle, Loft, Amazon, Abercrombie, and even Walmart and Target, through her website and her husband’s website,

Lee uses her lifestyle blog to share her experiences with like-minded women. Fans get a peek at more than just her fashion hauls. They learn more about her mom experiences and her “coffee-obsessed and crazy busy life.”

The Spoiled Home
279K followers, based in Oklahoma

It features home decor and furnishings, cute clothing, makeup, shoes, unique accessories and sales, sales, sales.

Sandi and Shalia—the two friends behind the blog—met more than a decade ago when Sandi became Shalia’s hairstylist. Sandi is Native American (Seminole, Creek and Choctaw). Shalia is a high school English teacher who has run in three marathons, one with Sandi.

Jen Reed
478K followers, based in Dallas, Texas

She features affordable everyday clothing from Abercrombie, American Eagle, Ann Taylor, Amazon, Express, Banana Republic, Nordstrom and Target.

The mom of two says she lives on coffee, wine and a lot of humor. Expect more than fashion tips. Jen offers travel advice, beauty tips and even weighs in on the challenges of parenting. She’s just as likely to demonstrate a new face wash or razor as she is to do a try-on session.