Who let the dogs in? Columbia REA does. The co-op based in Walla Walla, Washington, lets workers bring their four-legged loved ones to the office as long as Max or Luna is nice, clean, housetrained and relatively quiet. Sounds like a good standard for coworkers, too!

How is it working? By all accounts, the bring-your-dog-to-work program is a bona fide success, boosting staff morale, relieving stress, increasing job satisfaction and adding a fun vibe to the office. 

This got us thinking. While we love a good success story like Columbia REA’s, we may just love a great doggy-visit-gone-bad office tale even more.

Here is the ruff ask: Have you taken your pooch to the office with unintended, humorous or fur-raising results? Do tell. We will feature a couple of your tales in Before You Go to tickle everyone’s funny bone or scare the fur off them. Please make these submissions 100 words or less and send them to editor@pur.coop.