Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is Sunday, February 14. So, what is a loving soul to do when stay-at-home is still a thing? Your magazine friends here put their heads together, and here’s what spilled out:

Stage a “Heart Attack.” Clandestinely tape cut-out hearts with messages of love on the front door of your Valentine. Then knock and run away. A variation of this is to tape cut-out hearts with sweet comments about your children on their bedroom door the night before Valentine’s Day and then watch their smiles the next morning. Check out a how-to at

Preserve memories. For couples, how make a book, listing one special memory for each year of marriage—or each month of marriage for newlyweds.

Candlelight dinner at home under the stars. This idea comes from one of our recently married editors. If it is too cold—and baby, it is cold in a lot places these days—an indoor picnic could create the same romantic fun.

Something tried or new. Make your own homemade valentine cards or paint Love Rocks—a more novel way of sharing love and joy. See to learn more.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. If all else fails, dip something in chocolate, maybe strawberries, and you’re sure to make sweet memories.