We had to make some hard choices this year, but the results are in! Enjoy the diversity of landscape, wildlife and color presented in this year’s calendar.


New Year’s Day offers a sunrise view of Mount Bachelor from Tumalo Mountain. By Andrew Warren, Oregon—Central Electric Cooperative


A mother moose and her calf pause at sunrise after a fresh snowfall. By Chelsea Mowery, Idaho—Northern Lights Inc.


The sun rises behind the St. Sophia Russian Orthodox Church in Bethel, Alaska. By Elwood Brand, Alaska—Alaska Village Electric Cooperative


A juvenile green heron makes calculated movements through wetland shallows in Corvallis, Oregon, just before catching a damselfly in the reeds. By Jimmy Stevenson, Oregon—Consumers Power Inc.


Gray foxes frolic in the countryside near Gold Beach, Oregon. By Richard R. Watson, Oregon—Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative


Female Anna’s hummingbird drinks nectar from a flower. By Melissa Cook, Oregon—Consumers Power Inc.


The American flag flies over a grain field during a dramatic sunset. By Lynn Conley, Nevada—Mt. Wheeler Power


When the rain stopped, a rainbow cast a glow on the green hills near Kooskia, Idaho. By Norma Staaf, Idaho—Idaho County Light and Power co-op


Twin Rocks at Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast is lit from behind at sunset. By Marilyn K. Elkins, Oregon—Tillamook PUD7


Sandhill cranes enjoy the warmer weather in Arizona during the fall and winter. By Becky Rapier, Arizona—Duncan Valley Electric Cooperative


A snowshoe hare stretches while bolting across a small creek in northwest Alaska. By Jim Dau, Alaska—Kotzebue Electric Association


Winter snow glows on White Salmon’s Burdoin Mountain. By Rae Meaney, Washington—Klickitat County PUD